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Digital Forensic Laboratory (DFL)

Build your
Digital Forensic Laboratory

Build a professional DFL to establish guidelines for handling digital evidence and ensure work in proper forensically sound manner. 

Forensic Lab Information Management System

Our comprehensive system ensures the seamless functioning of forensic laboratories and comply with the ISO/IEC 17025 General Requirements.

Our advantages

Over 20 years in digital forensic professional

Partnered with many of the industries’ leading suppliers to pursuit more transformative and flexible solutions

Provided DFL set up and consultant services for dozens of customers from different countries

Set up first and only commercially operated digital forensics laboratory in HK



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DataExpert Digital Forensic Lab

Established in 2010, DataExpert Digital Forensics Laboratory is the first and only commercially operated digital forensics lab in Hong Kong. It was equipped with diverse cutting edge solutions. Provide an one-stop, full-service forensics laboratory in supporting of digital evidence investigations.

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