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Digital Forensic Service

Digital devices are everywhere and considered as a necessity nowadays. There are many sources of digital evidence, such as computers, mobile phones, remote storage, IoT devices, vehicle and more. DataExpert understand the importance of digital evidence and knows how to handle them in forensically sound. Digital evidence could assist in the prosecution of a criminal, help in the defense of an innocent person/business, or be of intelligence to an individual who is seeking knowledge for his organization or professional reasons.

Typing on a Computer

Digital forensic can apply for:

Our Services



Computer Forensic

Forensic imaging, analyzing and reporting of Windows PC, MacBook, all-in-one PC, Microsoft Surface, forensic image, virtual disk and more.


Mobile Forensic

To acquire data from mobile devices. To detect, decrypt and decode evidence. Support for Android, iOS, HarmonyOS and features phones.


Forensic Data Recovery

To recovery data from mobile phones, computers and surveillance devices (Eg. Hikvision, Zhejiang Dahua, Thakral, Onsee, and DaTangBG).


Service Scope

■ Digital Evidence Acquisition & Preservation
■ E-discovery
■ Forensic Data Recovery
■ Password Cracking
■ Forensic analysis
■ System Emulation
■ Keyword Searching
■ Chats & Instant Messenger History Analysis

■ User Artifacts Analysis
■ Timeline Analysis
■ Document Authentication
■ File Attribution Identification
■ Email Investigation
■ Deleted/Damaged/Encrypted Data Recovery
■ Smartphone Unlock
■ Embedded images extraction and OCR

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Digital Forensic Lab

Established in 2010, DataExpert Digital Forensics Laboratory is the first and only commercially operated digital forensics lab in Hong Kong. It was equipped with diverse cutting edge solutions. Provide an one-stop, full-service forensics laboratory in supporting of digital evidence investigations.

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