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Data Disposal Service


Wiping offers a secure data destruction solution by overwriting the media in specific patterns. It allows client to erase data permanently and securely from hard drive, SSD, removable media, and mobile devices, while keeping the media usable. However, wiping is not always successful when dealing with malfunctioning media.


Shredding is the most welcomed method of physical destruction. By cutting storage media into small particles, it provides an additional protection for degaussed media, and an unparalleled choice for media which failed to wipe normally.


Physically destroys a hard drive by bending, breaking and mangling both its external and internal parts. The data platters are bent and separated from the hub, the HDD housing is cracked, the PC board is broken and the read/write heads are mangled.


To make the best use of every reusable parts, for a "No Waste to Landfill" goal.


ISO27001 Information Security Management certified by BSI under numbers IS642998. DataExpert services are in accordance with international data security standards. We can provide auditable tracking document and certificates.

DataExpert provide certified on-site/off-site data destruction services to Business, Organizations, Government Departments and Individuals. We have consummate solutions that meet or exceed all compliances, standards and laws of secure data destruction. The professional service offers not only a cost-efficient and time-saving experience, but also ensures protection from data leakage, legal expenditure, embarrassment in public and negative impact on environment.

Be aware of data leakage when discard out-of-date IT asset !


The HDD inside a computer records data magnetically on a disk called a platter. A degausser is a device that applies a strong magnetic force to the magnetic recording surface to completely destroy all recorded data. A degausser will effectively erase data not only from HDDs, but from any media using magnetic recording, including LTO, DLT, AIT, CMT, DDS/DAT, VHS and FDs.

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